Three Waltzes, 1998, 7:30
Three Waltzes begins with the ambiguous image of a burning cigarette lighter which is also a musical box. From films we have learned that the charming tune it is playing does not usually bode well. In the triptych that follows, three stories are told. These are short scenes, each of which depicts a strange relationship between two people. The narrative means used can be traced back to all kinds of literary and cinematic genres. And precisely because of this abundance, the video makes one thing very clear: that nothing is more elusive and unstructured than the relationship between two people.” (Netherlands Media Art Institute)

Accordion, 2000, 2:15
In Accordion, Monique Moumblow and Yudi Sewraj play “Little Annie Roonie”, a popular music-hall song from the 1890’s. Working in unison to play an instrument that usually only requires one musician, Moumblow and Sewraj enact an absurd and cumbersome recital. An accordion becomes a kind of piano, and the unnecessary presence of two musicians evokes the complexities of any collaboration.

January 15th, 2004, 3:50
“I can’t sleep. He’s lying there breathing heavily. I grab him by the shoulders and shake him until he wakes up. I say, “It’s ok… You were having a bad dream.” He looks confused. He doesn’t remember having a bad dream, but I seem so concerned that he thinks he must have.

I go into the kitchen and make coffee. The poltergeist has dumped water on the floor again… It’s January 15th and it’s my birthday.”

Having Coffee with No One, 2002, 4:30
Today, I’m having coffee with “no one.” It’s a project I’m working on. I don’t read. If I read, I would be sitting in a café reading. I’m not reading. I’m sitting here thinking about you.

Ghost, 2006, 0:30
Infant twins re-enact an early video-art classic.