1970-Sans paroles, 2014, 8:20
In music, silence can be written by symbols indicating the length of a break. In poetry, enjambment and punctuation mark a pause, but the length of that pause is constructed in the mind of the reader. In the filmed performance of “Speak White” by Michèle Lalond at La nuit de la poésie 1970, silence can be precisely measured in seconds or in fractions of seconds. In creating an assemblage of the pauses between Lalond’s words, several brief, silent moments are stretched to form 8:20 minutes.

Oh my darling, 2006, 3:40
A mini-western. Painted backdrops dissolve into landscapes and two voices emerge from the darkness.

Tricycle, 2009, 4:20
Video from the exhibition Arko Preeka
Arko Preeka is a phrase made-up by 5 year-old twins that had deep emotional meaning to the girls yet remained elusive to others. By titling her exhibition after their unique linguistic invention, Moumblow frames her work within the multiplicity of meanings possible inside and outside of language.—All the works unfold in minimal architectural spaces that emphasize restrained movement. A video projection of the girls being presented with two tricycles welded together back-to-back leaves one wondering if they will be able to negotiate the altered bike. A large wall cutting through the main gallery is set with two small doors, built to scale for the artist’s daughters. By creating the possibility for movement within the solid wall, the identical doors become functioning passageways that viewers are invited to squeeze through. (Rachel Echenberg)

Tube, 2009, 3:20
Video from the exhibition Arko Preeka
The strange stillness of a living room is heightened by the fact that the artist is standing inside a large cardboard tube. (Rachel Echenberg)